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Bernhard Juurlink

Acting Associate Dean of Biomedical Sciences
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
B.Sc. (1969) Acadia University
M.Sc. (1971) Acadia University
Ph.D. (1975) McMaster University

Several aspects of the normal biology and pathology of glial-neuronal interactions are studied at the cell biological level in Dr. Juurlink's lab. One project examines how astrocytes and oligodendrocytes respond to and cope with ischemia, the sudden loss of blood supply which underlies stroke. Another study examines the effect of oxidative stress on the function of oligodendrocytes, and whether this might be a factor in the development of multiple sclerosis. A third project studies how the differentiation of precursor cells is controlled in the nervous system. These projects rely heavily on the use of advanced tissue culture techniques, and may lead to the development of transplantation therapies for MS, or other disorders of brain cellular metabolism.
Contact Information:
           Phone:  306-966-4083
           Fax:      306-966-4298