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David J. Schreyer, Director

Associate Professor
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
B.A. (1977) Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. (1986) Washington University

Research in Dr. Schreyer's lab examines the metabolic response that neurons undergo following injury, and how this response contributes to an ability to regenerate damaged nerve fibers. For example, GAP-43 is one of several proteins whose altered synthesis correlates with growth potential.Experimental work indicates that some aspect of the interaction of neurons with the target cells that they contact controls growth-associated gene expression. Tissue culture methods are being used to trace the steps in this signalling pathway. If these cell-cell signals can be artificially manipulated, it may be possible to induce normally recalcitrant neurons to undergo the required changes in gene expression, and to regenerate their damaged axons following CNS injury.
Contact Information:
           Phone:  306-655-8711 
           Fax:      306-966-8709