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Valerie Verge

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
B.Sc. (1980) Concordia University
Ph.D. (1990) McGill University

Neurotrophins, and other signalling molecules, appear to play a role in maintaining or altering the function of somatosensory (touch) nerve cells. Dr. Verge  studies how these intercellular signals operate during normal function, and in response to injury and disease. Special attention is given to the regulation of expression of neuropeptide molecules, which sensory neurons use to signal other cells. Computer-assisted image processing techniques are used to quantify the presence of specific mRNA sequences in individual cells. By learning more about neurotrophin control of gene expression, methods might be devised to develop new treatments for nervous system injury, neuropathic pain or the neurodegenerative diseases.
Contact Information:
           Phone:  306-655-8710
                 or:  306-966-2700    
           Fax:      306-655-8709
                 or:  306-966-4298