Jacquie Fraser

University of Saskatchewan

Administrative Assistant
Department of History

(1 July 1982 to 20 November 1998)

Managing Editor
Canadian Journal of History

(1 July 1982 to 20 November 1998)

Director of Registration, Examinations and Convocation
Office of the Registrar

(23 November 1998 to June 2003)

e-mail: fraser@admin.usask.ca
phone: 306-966-6728


The development of this flag trivia was an independent project of mine. It could not have been done without the encouragement and support of members of the Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan. The person who gave the whole project life on the web - and who I still bother from time to time - is Earl Fogel of Computing Services. Visitors to this site have sent many, many messages giving complimentary feedback about the Flag Trivia and helpful criticisms. All of you have had a hand in the success of this site. Thank you.