University of Saskatchewan

Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (HSEMS)

HSEMS Overview

The Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS) is a set of processes and tools that facilitate the best practice in proactive management of workplace Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) issues. It will lead to the proactive management of liabilities as well as the reduction in HSE issues. The University of Saskatchewan's HSEMS is developed according to Canadian and International safety standards and is being introduced to the campus community through a phased-in approach. 

Implementation began in 2007 with pilot work in several units (academic and non-academic) and will continue with all units across campus throughout the current integrated planning cycle. The implementation approach will vary according to the needs of each unit, and will be lead by people within the unit. A consultant of the HSEMS Team has been assigned to each unit to facilitate and assist with the implementation by providing one-on-one consultation. Customized processes and tools will be developed collaboratively with people in each workplace in order to meet each unit's specified needs. The HSEMS is an on-going proactive process that includes a series of Stages: Needs Assessment, Development, Integration, Assessment and Continuous Improvement.