University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan Safety Management System


Health, safety and environmental management is an on-going process that is integrated into the daily activities of workplaces. Once processes, procedures, and tools are developed they are used day to day within each unit so that HSE management is part of everyone’s job and is seamlessly integrated into the daily work activities of the unit. The implementation, development and maintenance of the Safety Management System has multiple stages. 

Stage 1: Needs Assessment 

The first stage in the implementation process involves conducting a needs assessment. A safety consultant will work with each unit to evaluate the effectiveness of current HSE management processes by assessing whether best practices in management of HSE issues are already in use and identify any potential opportunities for improvement.

Stage 2: Development

Once the needs of the unit have been assessed, any identified needs for the management of HSE issues will be addressed through the development of processes and tools. These processes and tools will be customized to the needs of the unit and will be developed collaboratively with people working in each workplace to ensure they are usable within the context of the activities of the unit. Some units across campus already have well developed HSE management processes in place, in which case very little additional development is required.

Stage 3: Integration

Once best practice processes and tools have been developed to meet the needs of the unit they will be integrated into the daily activities of the unit.  This stage will occur over several months in each workplace to ensure that processes and tools that have been developed in previous stages are useful in the context of the daily work activities of the unit.  Some adjustment of the initial processes and tools might be required and will be facilitated as appropriate.

Stage 4: Assessment

Once the processes have been integrated into the work activities of the unit and they have been in use for some time, an assessment will be conducted by the unit and the unit’s safety consultant to evaluate whether processes are functioning appropriately. A report will be delivered to the unit to assist with decision-making within the unit, leading towards continuous improvement in the management of HSE issues.

Stage 5: Continuous Improvement

Effective HSE management is an on-going process, with an ultimate goal of continuous improvement. As units become more proactive at managing HSE issues, increasing more ambitious goals for continuous improvement in management of HSE issues can be set by the unit.