University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan Safety Management System

Element Overview

The following information outlines the Guidance Documents pertaining to the various elements of the Safety Management System.  It provides an introduction to the different aspects of the comprehensive University of Saskatchewan Safety Management System. 

Use the index below to go directly to specific elements. For further explanation of the elements, please refer to the full version of the Guidance Documents


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Element Overview

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1.0 Leadership

Section 1 sets the stage for the rest of the Safety Management System.  Unit leaders must champion the management of safety issues and ensure that people within the unit understand their roles in managing health and safety issues.  Section 1 also sets goals and objectives and enables communication within the unit to ensure effective management of HSE issues.

1.1 Management, Commitment and Leadership
1.2 Responsibility, Accountability and Authority
1.3 Management Representative
1.4 Worker Participation
1.5 Health Safety and Environmental Policy
1.6 Objectives and Targets
1.7 Communication and Awareness

2.0 Hazard Assessment and Management

Section 2 deals with management of hazards in the workplace by ensuring that all hazards are identified and appropriately managed, and people within the workplace understand how to manage the hazards in their workplace.

2.1 Review
2.2 Hazard and Risk Identification and Assessment
2.3 Preventative and Protective Measures
2.4 Competency and Training
2.5 Management of Changing Activities
2.6 Incident Investigation and Analysis

3.0 Liability Management

Section 3 provides the process to manage the liabilities associated with HSE issues.  All legal requirements will be met and documents and records will be developed and maintained to provide evidence of due diligence on behalf of individuals and the University in the event of an HSE incident.

3.1 Legal and Other Requirements
3.2 Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response
3.3 Control of Documents
3.4 Control of Records

4.0 Evaluation

Regular evaluation and measurement of the effectiveness of HSEMS processes is critical to ensure that HSE issues are being appropriately managed in each workplace.

4.1 Monitoring and Measurement
4.2 Internal Assessments
4.3 Preventative and Corrective Action

5.0 Review

Once the HSEMS has been implemented and has been operating for a period, unit leaders will review the effectiveness of the management of HSE issues, based on data collected in section 4.  Results of the review will be used to update or modify processes to ensure that all HSE issues are managed in the best manner possible.  The review process will lead to a cycle of continual improvement in the management of HSE issues across the campus.