Marmot Creek Research Basin Workshop
University of Calgary Biogeoscience Institute, Barrier Lake Field Station, Kananaskis Country, AB
21 - 22 February, 2013
Day 1: Thursday 21 February
8:00am Breakfast
8:30am Registration Opens
Session 1: Marmot Basin Project
Chair: Ed Johnson
9:00am Introduction to Workshop: Overview and Objectives
John Pomeroy
9:15am Information from Marmot Creek Basin: Still Making Waves after Half a Century
Jim Bruce
9:45am History of Marmot Creek Experimental Watershed: People, Places and Things Done
Richard Rothwell
10:15am Coffee
Session 2: Marmot Basin Project
Chair: Howard Wheater
10:45am Marmot Creek Basin: Managing Forests for Water
Graham Hillman
11:15am The Impact of Climate Change and Forest Management on the Hydrometeorology of Marmot Creek Research Basin
Phillip Harder
11:45am An Outdoor Hydro-Climatic Laboratory for the 21st Century: 50+ Years of Research and Data Collections at the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed
Danny Marks
12:15pm What we have Learned from the Marmot Basin Project, 1962-1987? ALL
12:30pm Lunch
Session 3: Marmot Creek Observation and Process Studies
Chair: John Pomeroy
1:30pm Implications of Mountain Shading on Calculating Energy for Snowmelt using Unstructured Triangular Meshes
Chris Marsh
2:00pm Progress towards Understanding and Predicting Turbulent Heat Fluxes in the Canadian Rockies
Warren Helgason
2:30pm Simulating Areal Snowcover Depletion and Snowmelt Runoff in Alpine Terrain
Chris DeBeer
3:00pm Coffee
Session 4: From Observations to Models
Chair: Danny Marks
3:30pm Impacts of Forest Clearing on Radiation and Snowmelt in Marmot Creek, Alberta, Canada
Chad Ellis
4:00pm A Sensitivity Study of Radiant Energy During Snowmelt in Small Canopy Gaps
Tim Link
4:30pm Modelling the Effects of Climate Variability on Hydrological Processes in Marmot Creek: Approach and Initial Results
Evan Siemens
5:00pm What have we Learned from the Marmot Creek Research Basin Process Studies? ALL
5:45pm Dinner
7:00pm Bus leaves for Canmore Civic Centre
7:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Public Talk: Global Climate Change and Canada’s Water
Jim Bruce
8:30pm Wine and Cheese at Civic Centre
Day 2: Friday 22 February
8:00am Breakfast
Session 5: Watershed Disturbance and Management
Chair: John Diiwu
8:30am Fire Regime and Risk in the Kananaskis Valley
Brad Hawkes,
Ric Arthur
9:00am Mountain Hydrology and Disturbances in the Elk Valley, British Columbia: Utilizing Marmot Creek Research Basin for Process Understanding
Sean Carey
9:30am Managing for Watershed Function as a Priority
Kevin Van Tighem
10:00am The Walt Jeffrey Project: Capturing the Value of Long Term Research Sites Axel Anderson
10:30pm Coffee
Session 6: The Implications and Future of Marmot Creek
Chair: Axel Anderson
11:00am Sensitivity of Marmot Creek Snow Hydrology to Future Climate Change and Forest Disturbance
John Pomeroy
11:30am Managing Alberta’s Forests: Lessons from Research Basins John Diiwu
12:00md Marmot Creek and the Saskatchewan River Basin Project – a Large-scale Observatory for New Water Science
Howard Wheater
12:30pm Next Steps ALL
12:45pm Lunch
1:45pm Field Site Tour – Lower Hydrometeorological Stations at Marmot Creek Research Basin
3:45pm Return to Station