Dr Kevin Shook;
SGI Canada Research Fellow

11 Kirk Hall
eMail: kevin.shook/usask.ca (mouseover to activate link)
Phone: 306-966-5514

Dr Kevin Shook, PhD, PEng, is the SGI Canada Research Fellow, and represents the core of the SGI Canada Prairie Hydrometeorology Program at the Centre for Hydrology. He also contributes to hydrological aspects of droughts and drought modelling as part of the Drought Research Initiative (DRI).

Kevin is a graduate of the Division of Hydrology and Department of Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering at U of S. He previously worked as a senior flood forecaster and hydrological modeller with Alberta Environment in Edmonton.

Kevin's research has included snowmelt modelling, fractal analysis of hydrological phenomena, flood modelling and extreme events analysis. He is particularly interested in prairie hydrometeorology and hydrological modelling, including aspects of drought, rainfall, flooding, and water supply under recent, current and future climate scenarios.


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