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The University of Saskatchewan Network Services ID (NSID) and related services are automatically created for faculty, staff and students.  New faculty and staff may contact The ICT Service Desk to find out if their NSID has already been created or if this form must be completed and submitted. 

Network Services ID (NSID): The NSID is used to access internal systems (PAWS, E-mail, Wired and Wireless Network Authentication and Access, WWW, U-Who, Unifi, SiRius and most IT related services).  General information about the NSID may be found at: http://www.usask.ca/ict/accounts-passwords/nsid/

NOTE: All accounts are subject to the following Acceptable Use Clause:

  • cannot be shared with others
  • cannot be used for commercial gain
  • cannot be used for illegal activities
  • cannot be used to harass others
  • cannot be used to interfere with the work of others

University of Saskatchewan's Computer Use Policy:


Failure to adhere to legislation or University policy may result in loss of the account, academic penalty or legal action.

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Please upload an authorization memo from the hiring department that includes the start and end date of employment.
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