1. Why is the VPFR introducing this program?

It’s being done for a few of reasons. First, we want to ensure that all members of the department have a safe and reliable computer for their job. Second, we can achieve cost-savings by selecting a standard set of hardware to purchase and by making large volume purchases. Lastly, by operating standard fleet of computers reduces the variation in IT Support requests.

2. I currently have two computers, will both be replaced?

No, the program will recover the replacement of one computer every five years. Employees with a desktop and laptop will be required to choose a single option which is most suitable.

3. My current computer still works, can I choose to keep it?

All computers older than 5 years will be removed and a replacement will be provided. Machines older than 5 years may be less stable and increase the potential for failure.

4. When will I be eligible for another replacement computer?

Employees will be eligible for a new computer every five years.

5. I need to have two devices for my job, what are the options?

Depending on the situation alternate solutions will be provided. Please work directly with your manager to identify the need and provide that information to ICT to assess possible solutions.

6. I current use a Mac, why can’t I get I replace it with a new Mac?

The purchase of Apple computers is limited to when there is a legitimate business purpose. 

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