Installing Adobe Creative Cloud on Windows 7+

Note: This install guide is for university-owned computers only. If you do not see an option to install any of the Creative Cloud applications in the software center, your local IT support may have to take additional steps to make it available to you. If you are unsure who your local IT support is, contact the Service Desk at 306-966-2222.

In order to install Adobe Creative Cloud you will need to have SCCM Management Suite managing your Windows Computer. If you do not have SCCM managing your computer, please contact your local IT Support person who will be able to help you.

  • Click the Windows Start button (bottom left corner), type Software Center and click it to open it:

click windows start button, type software center and select it

  • Click Applications in the left hand menu and click Adobe Creative Cloud:

click Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Click the Install:

click install

  • You will be prompted that This application will replace any other versions of Creative Cloud applications.  After installation, please sign into Creative Cloud and install any applications you need.

warning click OK to continue

  • Click OK

NOTE: you may get prompted to close some programs.  If so save anything open in those programs, then click Close Programs

  • let Creative Cloud finsih installing.  (Once installed the Install button will say Uninstall)

  • Click the Windows Start button (in bottome left corner), type Creative Cloud, and select it open it:

 open creative cloud

  • Open the Apps tab and click the Install button for any Creative Cloud applications you need to install.

install any apps you need

Note: If you see a Start Trial message, it means your Department/unit has not assigned a license for Adobe Creative Suite assigned to you. In this case you would have to contact the license manager for your Department to have a valid license assigned to you. If you do not know who the license manager for your Department is please contact the Service Desk ( and they will be able to tell you who the license manager for your Department/unit is.

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