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SCEP Installation Guide for Mac OS 10.6.x – 10.11.x

NOTE: System Center Endpoint Protection is licensed only for University of Saskatchewan-owned computers.

For further assistance installing or using System Center Endpoint Protection, please contact the ICT Service Desk.


1. Uninstall any other Antivirus Software already installed on your computer.

2. Download the installer from using your NSID and password.

NOTE: If you get a 500 - Internal server error after typing in your NSID and password, click the circular arrow icon in your web browser's address bar to reload the page and the file will start downloading:

reload page if you see internal 500 error

3. Once downloaded, double click the SCEP…DMG file.

   SCEP set up  

4.  Double click Install.

  SCEP set up install      

5.  Click Continue.


6.  Click Continue.


7. Click Continue.


8. Click Continue.


9. Click Agree.

agree to terms

10. Click Continue.

privacy statement

11. Leave Installation mode on Typical and click Continue.

installation mode

12. Click Please select one of the options.

select options

13. Select Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications and click Continue.

enable detection

14. Click Install.


15. Type in the username and password of an Administrative account on your Apple computer.

verify with administrator account   

16. Click Close.

installation complete

NOTE: The default weekly scheduled scan is set to 2 a.m.  To change the default weekly schedule scan time do the following:


1. Click the System Center Endpoint Protection Icon in top Finder Menu and select Open System Center Protection.

system scanning settings

2. Click Activate advanced mode (in bottom right corner).

activate advanced mode 

3. Click Tools then click Scheduler.

select scheduler

4. Select Weekly scan and click Edit task…

edit tasks

5. Click Next.

edit weekly scan task

6. Select your Macintosh HD and click Next.

select hard drive

7. Select a time and day your computer will be on, but not heavily used, then click Next.

select time

8. Click Next.

rule for missed tasks

9. Click Finish.

finish changes

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