Mathematica - Symbolic Mathematics

Mathematica is a mathematics modelling program that has been installed on the virtual lab where licenses can be used on university owned computers on campus.

Mathematica has also been installed on HPC training machines. These computers are running Linux, and Mathematica requires the X11 windowing system to provide a graphical interface. (Mathematica also requires special fonts to be downloaded and installed for this.)

To run Mathematica without the graphical interface, the command math can be used.

Mathematica Training

A quick start guide on Mathematica is available on the Wolfram training pages.

Mathematica Install and Activation

For computers on campus, Matcematica can be installed through the Windows Software Center or the Macintosh Self-Service service.

If Mathematica asks for activation, the process is to select "Other ways to activate"on the first screen:

Activation screen 1

On the next page, select use network server:

Activation Screen2

And then enter "" as the server on the last screen:

Activation Screen 3


Contact Research Computing for more details or support on Mathematica.

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