MATLAB - Matrix-based Mathematics

MATLAB is a matrix manipulation program, written by MathWorks, Inc. that can be run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macintosh OS X.

There are a small number of licenses available, primarily intended for research. While the Simulink environment is included, the specialised toolboxes are not, though they can be added to license, at cost, if they are required.

One of the toolboxes available is the MATLAB compiler, which permits you to distribute your MATLAB files to those who don't have MATLAB.

As well as being available to install on individual workstations, this software has been installed on the HPC training facility, to enable testing of mathematics programs on parallel or large memory computers.

MATLAB Training

MathWorks produces tutorials for both MATLAB and SimuLink for students. They also offer webinars on special topics within MATLAB and provide recorded versions of these online.

MathWorks also provides examples and tutorials on how to use the MATLAB toolbox.


Contact Research Computing for more details or support on MATLAB.

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