Nuance Power PDF Advanced

On February 24, 2018, our campus-wide license for Adobe Acrobat Pro will expire. 

Anyone who still needs advanced PDF editing software can request a license for Nuance Power PDF Advanced.

Departments needing help managing this change are welcome to email and we will work directly with you to determine what software best suites your business needs.

Why is the University Ending the Site-License for Adobe Acrobat Pro?

It is no longer economically feasible to provide Adobe Acrobat Pro on all university computers.

Is Nuance Power PDF Advanced compatible with Adobe Acrobat Pro and other PDF Editing Software?


  • Nuance Power PDF Advanced has the same features as Adobe Acrobat Pro, and other PDF editing software, and is considered as Adobe's biggest competitor.

  •  PDFs are meant to be a universal format -- much like JPG or pictures files -- that can be viewed and edited in a manner independent of application software, hardware or operating systems.

  • If people send you PDFs created by other software, you will be able to edit those PDFs in Nuance, send the PDFs back to them, and they can apply new edits with their own software. 

If you do encounter an issue using Power PDF Advanced, remember IT Support Services is there to help!

An Introduction to Nuance Power PDF Advanced

Power PDF Advanced Quick Reference Guide
How to Use Nuance Power PDF Advanced -- Feature Videos

1. Creating PDFs from Word with Nuance Power PDF:

2. Document Conversion to Word with Nuance Power PDF:

3. Document Conversion to Excel with Nuance Power PDF:

4. Creating PDF Documents from Multiple Files with Nuance Power PDF:

5. Document Assembly with Nuance Power PDF:

6. Creating Forms in Nuance Power PDF:

7. Create a table of contents from any PDF file:

8. Power PDF and Electronic Signatures:

Tips, Tricks and Superpowers - Video Demos

1. Power PDF Tips, Tricks and Superpowers - Part 1:

2. Power PDF Tips, Tricks and Superpowers - Part 2:

3. Power PDF Tips, Tricks and Superpowers - Part 3:

4, Power PDF Tips, Tricks and Superpowers - Part 4:

Nuance Power PDF Advanced vs Adobe Acrobat Pro Comparison Chart
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