Qualitative Analysis Software - NVivo

You would use qualitative analysis or research to investigate data gathered by techniques including interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups, in order to gain insight into the behaviour of the participants.

NVivo is an analytical tool you can use to support your qualitative research. The software is offered at no charge to researchers at the U of S.

ICT works in partnership with the Social Sciences Research Laboratories (SSRL) to support NVivo. Together, we provide a suite of services to help your research:

  • The SSRL provides consulting, data coding and data analysis capacity for researchers.
  • ICT Research Computing supports a service for collaborative projects, where researchers work together on the same data. This is the NVivo Server service, which provides concurrent access to a shared NVivo database for your research group. 

Using NVivo


  • Due to licensing restrictions, NVivo software can only be used for non-commercial research associated with the U of S.
  • You must have an NSID to use NVivo Server software. If you have off-campus collaborators, please contact Research Computing to get them joined to your project.



Terms of Service for the NVivo Server (Collaborative Projects) Service

  • The NVivo Server implementation is run by the university’s ICT unit, on equipment managed by ICT at the main Saskatoon campus.
  • Backups for disaster recovery purposes are made and kept at an alternate location on the Saskatoon campus. They are kept for 45 days.
  • Data stored in the NVivo database on the ICT servers is not encrypted.
  • ICT staff has privileged user access within the NVivo Server system. These privileges are necessary to provide proper administration and backups.
  • Researchers will not have direct access to the Windows servers or a direct interface to the database.
  • NVivo Server will be unavailable during the monthly scheduled downtime, and at other times, that are not regularly scheduled.
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