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As our process evolves, we continue to develop and refine documents that are useful for assessing cloud services.  Here you will find tools, documents and related policies that may help you in evaluating cloud services.  

Suggested Vendor Questions

Asking a vendor the right questions can go a long way in preventing surprises later.  EDUCAUSE has developed a Higher Education Vendor Assessemnt tool.  We have further refined it based on our experience and input from a variety of University stakeholders (Privacy, Risk, Purchasing, Enterprise Architecture, Security, Compliance). The original EDUCAUSE document can be found here.

UofS Cloud Vendor Assessment form

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

ICT recommends using Educause’s TCO for Cloud Services framework for costing of cloud services. To support this, we have included guidance and partially completed the TCO using known University costs. We encourage you to contact for further assistance in completing a TCO. Assisting you will help us continue to refine and improve the usability of this document.

Cloud Services TCO (UofS staff access only due to vendor proprietary info included)

Guidance on Privacy Concerns from U of S Privacy Officer

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Related University of Saskatchewan Policies

Depending on the intended use of software, there may be a number of University policies that should be considered before purchasing.  The Technology Assessment team can provide you with advice and recommendations to help ensure you are compliant with University policies.  Linked here are the most common policies we have seen to apply to new software purchases.

Enterprise Risk Management

Data Management

IT Security

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Use Of Materials Protected by Copyright

Computer Use

Electronic Mail (e-mail)

Use of University Property and Services

Management of University Records


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