Technology Assessment

The Technology Assessment takes an all-inclusive approach to technology assessments of potential purchases and requests for additions/changes to existing information systems. Proposals are analyzed for concerns in 4 main areas: risk, compliance, business continuity, and organizational fit with representation from several different disciplines across the institution, including Enterprise Architecture, Strategic and Operational Procurement, Security (Data and Network), Privacy, Risk and Total Cost of Ownership. Recommendations based on the assessment are provided to address concerns using both contractual (vendor) controls and operational (U of S) support requirements. The review process will ensure the chosen solution:

  • will work with the other technologies at the university
  • will meet organizational and operational requirements
  • will be compliant with all security, privacy and data standards
  • is priced appropriately for the service, and
  • will ensure any additional considerations have been addressed.

The assessment process

Typically, the assessment process follows a standard review sequence. This can be altered based on the scale of the review and when the Technology Assessment team is brought into the evaluation process. Early engagement with the Technology Assessment team will deliver the best outcomes and a more efficient process.  We are ready to assist you right from the initiation stage of your project.

Our Process

Need assistance finding the right solution for you?

Consult the Technology Assesment team when considering adopting a new service or modifying/replacing an existing one. The review process will ensure the solution you implement is cost efficient, integrates with other university technology, protects the information of the university and the solution will continue to provide long-term value to the university. 

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