Understanding the System Status Report

The ICT services provided to the university community are comprised of many parts (e.g. applications, servers, switches, disk and tape storage). Redundancy is built into the various parts of the services whenever possible to help ensure continuity of the service.

On occasion services may experience issues that impact their performance and availability. These can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • hardware failure (e.g. if a physical device stops working)
  • connectivity issues (e.g. if a component of the network isn't working)
  • load issues (e.g. if a higher than normal volume of people are using the system at the same time)

In these situations services may continue to operate; however, they may operate at a slower rate or in a reduced capacity.

If a service you are trying to access is experiency difficulty you can check the system status page to discover whether the issue is with the service as a whole or if the difficulty is more limited. If the service as a whole isn't experiencing issues, contact the ICT Service Desk for assistance.

The System Status Report provides information on the status of various ICT services at the university. As the image on the right shows, service groups are listed and their status is shown. Each group can then be clicked on to find out more information about the parts of the services.

When you click on the different service groups listed in the System Status Report, you will be taken to another page that shows the status for different parts of the service. The image below explains the information provided.

Service Groups Status

system status page legend

This indicates the service (or server) that is being monitored.

This indicates the state the service (or server) is currently in. The status will range from a solid green bar to a solid red bar.

This indicates the state of the service, ranging from Ok to Down. If the status bar has more than one colour, this may indicate which part of the service (or server) is experiencing the issue.

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