VPN - Set-up Guide Android

Configuring the Cisco AnyConnect VPN

1. Open the Google Play Store application and search for Cisco AnyConnect.

android vpn set up step 1

a. For newer Samsung devices install the Samsung AnyConnect from the below link:

b. For newer HTC Devices install the HTC AnyConnect from the below link:

c. For all other devices or if your device fails to install one of the above two (or if you cannot see the above two), install the regular Cisco AnyConnect+ for ICS from the below link:

2. Select “install”

3. An app permission box will open. Select “Accept”

android vpn set up step 3

4. Open the AnyConnect application, and choose “Connection”

android vpn set up step 4

5. Tap Add New VPN Connection...
android vpn set up step 5

6. Enter the following:

  • “U of S” in the “Description” field
  • “tunnel.usask.ca” in the “Server Address” field

Select "Done"

android vpn set up step 6

7. To connect to the VPN select the AnyConnect VPN option from the main menu.

vpn setup step 8

8. You will be prompted for your “Username” (NSID) and “Password”.

  • In the “Username” entry box enter your NSID
  • In the “Password” entry box enter your NSID password

Select “Connect”

vpn setup step 9

9. If you get a security prompt from the system that AnyConnect is attempting to create a VPN connection select “I trust this application”

10. Select “OK”

vpn setup step 10

11. The VPN will connect

vpn setup step 12

12. Any traffic destined for usask.ca will be sent over the VPN connection, while all other traffic will be left untouched and will connect to the internet as normal

13. To disconnect, return to the main menu and tap the "On" button to toggle it off.

vpn setup step 14


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