Enabling the Device Manager - Android 6.x

The Android Device Manager is available in Android 2.2 and above; however, this guide will focus on the steps required for Android 6.x and above.

The Android Device Manager allows you to set/reset your device passcode/word as well as remotely locate and optionally erase your Android device. It requires that you have a “Google” account configured on your device to function. Downloading applications from the Play Store requires this to be completed already, but if for any reason you don’t have a Google account active on the device, from Settings choose “+ Add account” and select “Google” from the list then follow the prompts.

1. Go into the application drawer and find the “Settings” application.

2. Scroll down the list and select “Security”

enable device manager android step 1

3. Select “Device Administrators”

enable device manager android step 1 alternative

4. If the checkbox beside “Android Device Manager” is empty, tap the empty checkbox.

enable device manager android step 3

5. Select “Activate this device administrator”

enable device manager android step 4

5. If it is already checked, then your device is already configured

enable device manager android step 5

6. To remotely find/lock/erase your device go to
http://www.android.com/devicemanager and sign in with your Google Account

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