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Mobile Device Security

The loss of mobile devices and the data thereon is of particular concern to the University. All members of the university community who store or access personal or confidential information on mobile devices should ensure that adequate protection is in place on their devices, including the use of strong passwords, and encryption where appropriate.

The following information is provided to help you keep your mobile devices secure.

Android 6x and up Devices

Use of an anti-virus app is recommended for Android devices. There are a number of options available, including: Sophos, AVG and Bitdefender. These apps can be downloaded for free through the Play store.

Apple iOS 10 Devices

Devices Not Listed

Newer Devices

The steps for implementing the security features of your device are likely similar for Android and iOS even if your device is running a newer version than listed on this Mobile FAQ. Attempts will be made to keep this guide up to date, however consider following up with your local IT Support, or contacting the device manufacturer for assistance with setting up your device security features if you have any difficulties.

Other Platforms

Devices that will work best on campus include those that support Exchange Active Sync (EAS) and full device encryption. Check with your local IT Support or your device manufacturer to determine if the device/platform you have or would like to purchase supports these features. In some cases, the features are supported but are not user accessible (e.g. encryption with Windows Phone 7 and 8), requiring device management to enable the protection. The features should user accessible in order to ensure that you can full protect the information on your device.

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