VPN Set Up - iOS 10 & Higher

Configuring the Cisco AnyConnect VPN

1. Open the App Store application and search for "Cisco AnyConnect"

2. Select “install”, if prompted sign in with your Apple ID to install the App

cisco vpn 1

3. Open the AnyConnect application, and choose “OK”

cisco vpn 2

4. Tap the toggle switch for AnyConnect VPN

cisco vpn 3

5. Enter  “UofS VPN in the “Description” field

6. Enter “tunnel.usask.ca” in the “Server Address” field

7. Select “Save”

cisco vpn 4

8. To connect to the VPN select the toggle switch again for AnyConnect VPN

cisco vpn 5

9. You will be prompted for your “Username” (NSID) and “Password”.

10. In the “Username” entry box enter your NSID

11. In the “Password” entry box enter your NSID password

12. Select “Connect”

cisco vpn 6

15. The VPN will connect

ciscon vpn 7

16. Any traffic destined for usask.ca will be sent over the VPN connection, while all other traffic will be left untouched and will connect to the internet as normal

17. To disconnect, go back to step 4 and in the AnyConnect application slide the VPN toggle switch to off.

cisco vpn 8

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