Application Development, Evolution & Integration

Includes many of the critical university-wide software systems you use at the U of S.

We provide customized application development services that support specific systems in some colleges and units.

Getting Started

We provide application development and support services for key institutional systems and college- and unit-specific systems.

Institutional Systems

If your unit delivers key academic or administrative services to students, faculty, staff or researchers, or provides critical business processes to the university as a whole, it may rely on a variety of our services, including:

  • Service planning
  • Consulting
  • License management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Problem resolution
  • Configuration and customization
  • Security management
  • Regular maintenance and upgrades

These services are provided in partnership with individual units.

College/Department/Unit-Specific Systems

Some of your colleges and units have unit-specific business needs that benefit from our customized application development and other support services, including:

  • Analysis of existing business procedures to assess needs and determine solutions.
  • Implementation of purchased applications and integration with U of S systems.
  • Development and implementation of new, customized applications.
  • Development, maintenance and updating of existing applications.
  • Ongoing systems support contracts.

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Currently Supported Systems

Supported Institutional Systems

We support most of the critical university-wide software systems you use at the U of S, including:

  • SiRIUS – the university’s student information system
  • DegreeWorks – the academic advising and degree audit system
  • AboutUS – the university’s HR and payroll system
  • HRJira – the job posting system
  • E-Payments – the electronic payments gateway system
  • UnivRS – the University Research System
  • CPAS – Central Print Accounting System for students
  • UDW - the university's data warehouse
  • IDM - the university's identity and access management system
  • UFriend - the university's donor database
  • UniFi - the university's financial system
  • AIM - Enterprise Asset Management System
Supported College/Department/Unit-Specific Systems

We also support a variety of unit-specific systems that you may use in your colleges, departments, and other units. Examples of these include:

  • College of Medicine and Nursing – CV Management System
  • College of Law – Student Administration System
  • Research Services – Grant and Contract Tracking
  • Plant Sciences – Crop License Database
  • Consumer Services – University’s online bookstore; University’s student parking lottery
  • Veterinary Medicine – Global Food Animal Residue Avoidance database
  • ICT billing systems
  • Computer store inventory system

More about Support and Integration

How Support is Provided

We provide our support for institutional systems through a shared-services/partnership model. This means we are responsible for the technology while the unit is responsible for the business being served by that technology. For example, a unit provides specific expertise on their business needs and helps determine -- and prioritize -- the business needs they would like served by that technology, while we provide application support and development tailored to meeting those specific needs, including implementation and ongoing support.

College, department, and unit-specific systems receive our support on a fee-for-service basis.

Business Analysis and Project Management

We provide business analysis to help understand what the business problem is that you are trying to solve. Once the problem has been identified, requirements can be defined so that recommendations for the best solution to your business need can be made.

We use project management principles and processes to manage projects. Project management helps you to understand how the project is going. It provides an approximate schedule and projections for the project.

Integration with Other U of S Systems

The systems we develop and support centrally are integrated with the other U of S systems you use.

This means our systems can often support “single sign-on” entry. For example, if you are already logged into a university system such as PAWS, you may not need to log in again to access another U of S service -- such as to check your grades or your payroll information.

It also means our systems can draw data from and contribute data to the university’s central information repository, ensuring you have accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information about your classes and other services.


General Support

  • For questions or concerns about specific U of S services, contact the ICT Service Desk for assistance.
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