Classroom Multimedia Support and Equipment Booking

Immediate technical support is available and equipment can be booked for unequipped spaces. Technicians located across campus provide on-site technical support, training on equipment use and maintenance for equipped spaces.

Getting Started

Access Technical Support

If you are using an equipped space across campus and require assistance you can access immediate technical support by calling 306-966-4263. The issue will be resolved immediately over the phone or a technician will be dispatched to your site.

Book Equipment

Equipment services has a large pool of multimedia equipment that can be booked and delivered to spaces across campus which are not already equipped with multimedia equipment. There is no charge to use the equipment for teaching and learning purposes.

To book equipment, please complete the Equipment Booking Form.

Access Consoles

If a console is locked, you can call technical support at 306-966-4263 and they will give you the access code to unlock the console.

Log On to Consoles

  1. Simultaneously select the CTRL + ALT + Delete buttons.
  2. Enter your NSID and password.
    1. If you do not have an NSID, contact the Service Desk.

Learn More

Self Help Instructions for Using the Consoles

Click on the below links for further information on using both large and small consoles.

wePresent User Guide 

AMX Touch Panel Quick Start Guide

MLC 62 Quick Start Guide 

MLC 104 Quick Start Guide

MLC 226 Quick Start Guide


Immediate Technical Support

Phone: 306-966-4263
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