How to Add Guests and Teaching Assistants to Your Wiki

U of S Guests / Teaching Assistants (with NSIDs)

You can give teaching assistants and other U of S guests with NSIDs access to your private or class wiki by manually adding their NSID(s) to the wiki space permission list.

To add NSIDs to the wiki space permissions list:

  1. Go into the desired wiki space.
  2. Click on Space Tools on the lower left.
  3. Choose Permissions from the pop-up menu.
  4. Under Individual Users, click Edit Permissions
  5. Under Individual Users, paste the person’s NSID (or multiple NSIDs separated by commas) into the box.
  6. Click Add.

Non-U of S Guests (without NSIDs)

You can invite non-U of S guests to participate in private and class wiki spaces. They will require guest access registration and permission from the U of S wiki space owner.

For instructions, see Guest Access to Wiki Space.

For assistance with adding guests or teaching assistants to your wiki, contact the ICT Service Desk.

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