More About Using OMR for Exams

Available Reports

You can request a variety of reports relating to the grading of an exam by indicating which you would like when you fill out your OMR Processing Request Form for Exams (PDF).

Available reports include:

101 - Student Statistics Report

Displays statistical data related to the performance of each student

Sample 101 - Student Statistics Report (PDF)

103 - Class Frequency Distribution

Illustrates the dispersion of students over the selected grade scale

Sample 103 - Class Frequency Distribution Report (PDF)

104 - Test Statistics Report

Displays descriptive statistics about the overall test

Sample 104 - Test Statistics Report (PDF)

201 - Detailed Item Analysis Report

Displays statistics related to each question response

Sample 201 - Detailed Item Analysis Report (PDF)

201 - Detailed Item Analysis Report Definition Document (Word)

207 - Test Item Statistics Report

Displays statistical data related to each graded test question

Sample 207 - Test Item Statistics Report (PDF)

301 - Student Grade Report

Displays individual grade results for each student

Sample 301 – Student Grade Report (PDF)

Data Export

We can export your exam data in a variety of data formats. Two common formats are:

Tab-Delimited file

When you request OMR exam processing, you will automatically receive an unsorted tab-delimited file of the 101 - Student Statistics Report.

A tab-delimited file is a text format file that uses tab characters as separators between fields. You can use this file with a spreadsheet application for further post-processing like data sorting or for exporting to a gradebook.

Example of a Tab-Delimited File

The columns used in the tab-delimited file will be be Student Name, Student Number, Grade Scale, Percentage Scored, and Total Score)

Raw-Data file

You can also request a raw-data file. The raw-data file of the scanned student responses is a comma separated file that contains the Student Name, Student Number, and NSID, along with their responses as captured on the OMR form.

This file will not have been altered by any post-processing procedures and is available to those who choose to perform their own scoring and grading of an exam.

Example of a Raw-Data File

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