Regulations, Rules and Caveats

Regulations for Examinations

You are responsible for ensuring the original final exam forms completed by students are retained for a period of at least one year.

For more information, please see Academic courses: class delivery, examinations, and assessment of student learning, Section 2.c.iv, “Accessibility of examination papers.”    


  • Service support staff will not alter a student's (or respondent's) response form under any circumstance. To do so would compromise the integrity of the exam (or survey) and the student's appeal process.
  • A service support staff supervisor will only correct scanned data results or the exam answer key with explicit written instructions from the instructor.
  • For security reasons, OMR sheets must be delivered by hand to the ICT OMR Service located at 64 Arts Building. The sheets will be signed in by the OMR support staff.
  • For security reasons, OMR sheets must be picked up by hand from the ICT OMR service located at 64 Arts Building. The sheets must be signed out by the instructor or college/department representative who must present photo ID.
  • It is the responsibility of the instructors or colleges/department representative to pick up the OMR sheets within 72 hours of completion of processing.


  • Our OMR scanning system can only detect circles or “bubbles” that are filled in above a certain threshold. Similarly, the scanning hardware must determine whether a bubble has been erased completely enough to fall below the threshold.
  • The system cannot determine a student's intent. An instructor inspecting a student's bubble sheet might also have trouble deciding what the student intended. However, the scanning system ignores any other markings on the form and does not indicate whether a determination was marginal or not. The threshold can change over time, meaning that it is possible that scanning the same sheet on different occasions might return slightly different results. It is similarly possible that different instructors reviewing the same form might interpret the student's intent differently. If response forms are filled in carefully and completely (and erased thoroughly) then the likelihood of different results is greatly reduced.
  • Only forms marked with HB pencil scan reliably. Pens or markers do not scan reliably. Harder pencils do not erase sufficiently and are not always read correctly.
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