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Email - Set-up Guide Apple Mail OS 10.6

NOTE: If your account was migrated to Office365, you will need to use the guides on

1. Open Apple Mail.

  • If this is the first time you are using Apple Mail, you will be presented with a Welcome to Mail wizard. 

2. Type in the following information:

  • Please enter “Full Name” as you want your name to appear when you send mail.

  • The “Email address” is the address that shows as the “from” address when you send mail. Enter your email alias instead of your actual address. If you do not have an alias, please create one.
  •  For password, enter your NSID password
welcome to mac mail

Figure 1.

2. Press Continue.

3. Change the User Name to your NSID:

enter NSID as username 

4. Press Continue.

5. For both “Address Book contacts” and “iCal calendars” ensure that the box has a check mark on it.

6. Press Create.

press create

7. Apple Mail set up is complete.

Adding another account to Mac Mail

If you already have an email account in Mac Mail you will need to do the following to add another account:

1. Open Apple Mail

2. Under Mail in the top menu, select Preferences:

mail preferences

3. Press the Accounts button:


4. Press the + button in the bottom left hand corner:

press the + button

5. Enter the following information:

  • Enter your Full Name as you want it to appear when you send e-mail

  • Enter your email alias for the email address (i.e.  If you do not have an email alias, please create one.

  • Enter your NSID password

enter information

6. Press Continue.

7. Change the User Name to your NSID (i.e. abc123):

user name is NSID

8. Press Continue.

9. Press Create.


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