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Email - Set-up Guide Apple OS 10.7-10.8

NOTE: If your account was migrated to Office365, you will need to use the guides on

1. Open System Preferences:

apple, system preferences

2. Select Mail, Contacts & Calendars:

Mail, Contacts & Calendar

3. For type select Microsoft Exchange:

microsoft exchange

4. Type in the following:

Full Name: Your First and Last Name

Email Address: Your Nameserve Alias. (more information please see personalize your email address)

Password: Your NSID Password

type in

5. Press Continue.

6. Ignore the warning about username not matching and Press Continue:

ignore warning press continue

7. Type in the following:

User name: Your NSID (i.e. abc123)

Password: Your NSID Password

Server address:

type in

8. Press Continue.

9. Press Continue.

press continue

10. Press Add Account:

add account

11. Done!


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