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Email - Set-up Guide Entourage 2008 * WEB SERVICES EDITION *

This set-up guide will use information for Alpha Charlie as an example. Alpha Charlie has as an e-mail address and has as an e-mail alias.

Please Note: An e-mail alias (e.g. is used when setting up Entourage 2008.  If you have not already created an e-mail alias for your e-mail address, please login to MyProfile to create one.


NOTE: You will need to download and install the WEB SERVICES EDITION update from Microsoft before you can use it as an e-mail program for

The free update is available here:

Setting up Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition:

  • Open Entourage 2008 (Running Entourage for the first time will automatically start Entourage Setup Assistant.)
  • Select "Start using Entourage without importing anything." (Figure 1)  
  • Click on right arrow button to continue.


Figure 1.

  • Type your e-mail alias (or into the E-mail Address field. (Figure 2)  
  • Check the box for “My account is on an Exchange server”.
  • Click the right arrow button to continue.


Figure 2.

  • Account Information window will pop-up. (Figure 3) 

  • The "Account ID:" should be filled in your NSID (abc123 username).

  • Enter your account password. 

  • Un-Check the box "Save password in my Mac OS Keychain." Important note: if this option is checked any person using your computer will have access to your e-mail account.

  • Click “OK” button.


Figure 3.

  •  Automatic Configuration Succeeded message will pop-up.

     Please Note: if you are getting “Account Setup Incomplete” message, go to Account    Setup.

  •  Click the right arrow button to continue.
  •  Verify the information is filled in the field. (Figure 4)
  •   For “Exchange server:” enter in the field.
  •   For “LDAP server:” enter in the filed.
  •   Click the right arrow button to continue.


Figure 4.

  •   Click on the “Verify My Settings” button to verify Settings. (Figure 5)
  •   Click the right arrow button to continue.


Figure 5.

  •  Click “Finish” button to complete the setup.
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