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Email - Set-up Guide Android 6 and 7

This is the setup guide for email on Android 6 and higher based off a Nexus 5X phone. Please be advised that some manufacturers' user interfaces may vary causing the directions to differ accordingly. For further assistance, please contact the ICT Service Desk.


  1. OS Android 6 or higher (To find out about your device’s OS version access the Applications screen. Choose  "Settings" and scroll down. Choose "About device" and the OS version is under Android Version.)

  2. If you have not already created an email alias for your email account, please create one.

Email Setup Guide

1. Select the Settings app from the Applications screen.

2. Tap on Accounts. 

Email Step 1

3. Select Add account.

Email Step 2

3. Choose Exchange.

Email Step 3

4. Enter your UofS e-mail alias for your email account. (i.e.

Once complete, tap Next

Email Step 4

5. Enter the Password for your NSID.

Email Step 5

6. You will receive a Redirect Request, tap Ok.

Email Step 6

7. Type in the following information:

  • Domain\Username: USASK\NSID (i.e. USASK\abc123)
  • Password: Your NSID password
  • Server:

Once complete, tap Next

Email Step 7

8. It will display a Remote security administration window, tap OK to continue.

Email Step 8

7. In the Account Options screen, you can decide what and how much information you want to synchronize. 

  • Sync frequency: How often would you like to check for e-mails. Automatic (Push) for instantly.
  • Sync emails from: This refers the length of time your device keeps in sync with your mail server. Any older will not appear on your device.


  • Some devices at this stage will have the option to SYNC SMS. We advise disabling this as it will send a copy of your text messages to your Campus email account.
  • The USASK calendar service can only be accessed by staff and faculty accounts.

Once you are ready to proceed, tap NEXT.

Email Step 9

8. You will be prompted to Activate device administrator. The Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account requires administrative rights on your phone.

This a security feature that gives you the ability to remotely wipe your phone in the event your phone is lost or stolen through Mail on the Paws Website. The ICT group will never perform a wipe of your phone.

Tap Activate to continue. 

Email Step 10

9. You will be able to name your account (e.g. 'Usask Account' or any name of your choosing)

Tap Done.

Email Step 11

10. Your Android device will now start synchronization of the content you selected in Step 7.

  • Note: Your e-mails will appear in your default Mail application. (In this case the Gmail app)
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