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Email - Set-up Guide BlackBerry 10

This is the setup guide for email on BlackBerry OS10.

Please Note: If you have not already created an e-mail alias for your UofS e-mail account, please login to MyProfile to create one.

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap Settings.


2. Tap Accounts.


3. At the bottom of the screen, tap Add Account.


4. At the bottom of the screen, tap Advanced.


5. Tap Microsoft Exchange Active Sync.

active sync

6. Enter the following information: 

  • Description: enter UofS or whatever description you would like the account to use.

  • Domain: enter .

  • Username: enter your NSID. (i.e. abc123)

enter information

7. Scroll down and enter the following information:

  • Email Address: enter either your or your alias (e.g.  If you have an alias configured it is best to use that.

  • Password: enter your NSID password.

enter information

8. For Server Address, enter, then tap Next (in top right corner)

9. Ensure that everything you want to sync is On and Tap Done.


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