Personalize Your Email Address

You can personalize your email address by creating an alias (an easier-to-remember address). People commonly use their first and last name as their email alias. For example, you can register as an alias for through MyProfile. Students and alumni are limited to one email alias; employees can create multiple email aliases.

To create an email alias:
  1. Log in to MY Profile with your NSID
  2. Click on the Edit link in the Email section.
  3. In the Aliases Tab, click the New Alias link at the bottom.
  4. Type in the alias you want to use in the Alias text box.  NOTE: It must contain at least one . (period) -- such as john.smith
  5. Select your Department or College from the drop down list
  6. If you want your email alias published in the public email directory, put a check in the box for Searchable off campus.
  7. Click the Save button.

NOTE: Email alias' take 1 hour before they become active to external senders.

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