Personalize Your Email Address

You can personalize your email address by creating an alias (an easier-to-remember address). People commonly use their first and last name as their email alias. For example, you can register as an alias for in MITS. Students and alumni are limited to one email alias; employees can create multiple email aliases.

To create an email alias:
  1. Log in to MITS with your NSID username and password.
  2. Click on the Aliases link under the email section in the left menu.
    MITS menu aliases
  3. In the Add New Alias box, enter the Alias Text you wish to use (ex. Firstname.lastname)
  4. Ensure the Deliver to address is set to the correct email server. For students it will be
  5. From the Published Name pull-down menu, select the format for your name entry in the email directory.
  6. If you want your email alias published in the public email directory, select the Yes button beside Off Campus Searchable.
  7. Enter your department name. As you start typing, select your department name from the menu.
  8. Click the Save button.
    add alias

Your Outgoing Address

Creating a MITS email alias does not automatically make the alias appear as your outgoing email address. Depending on the server your email services is on, it may be possible to have your outgoing email manually set to indicate your email alias.

Outlook Web App / Outlook / Mobile Devices

When you create an alias using MITS, there will be a check box for selecting the alias as your Primary Address. Only one alias can be selected as your Primary Address.

primary address

Other Email Clients

Some email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook (in IMAP mode) may allow you to set your outgoing address.

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