Enterprise Business Intelligence

Includes uView Report Portal, uView Campus, and uView Public.

Enterprise Business Intelligence provides you with integrated information from the University Data Warehouse that you can use for decision making and senior-level planning. You can access reports, query data yourself using uView, or request customized reports.

Getting Started

Enterprise Business Intelligence depends on the integrated data in the University Data Warehouse. We also provide data submissions about the U of S for public reports, internal reports and U of S submissions to external bodies such as the U15 and Statistics Canada.

You can access university data by self-servicing reports and queries through uView Public, uView Campus or the uView Report Portal, by retrieving public reports, or by requesting customized reports from the Data Services team.

Note: If you require financial information, please visit the Finances website.

uView Campus for Faculty and Staff

If you are staff or faculty, you can use the self-service uView Campus web application to obtain basic information on student enrolment and retention, staffing levels, research revenue, fundraising efforts and more. A valid NSID is required.

uView Report Portal

The uView Report Portal gives authorized members of the university community the ability to run more detailed reports in areas specific to your role and college/department/division at the university. Access is restricted to on campus or off campus with a secure VPN connection.

To request authorization or for more information about access, please submit a support or information request to the Data Services team.

Access to Data and Reports for the Public

Publicly available university reports and statistical information can provide you with a variety of data about the U of S.

Request Assistance 

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General Support

For general assistance, please fill out our Request for Information form.


Cannot View Graph Results using uView Dashboard

To view results properly, you will need to ensure you have installed the current version of Java.

How to Bookmark a uView Report after Choosing Specific Options
  1. Once the report has loaded, in the table section, click Link.
    The page refreshes and the full URL of the report appears in the address bar.
  2. Follow the usual process for adding the bookmark to the browser.
How to send a link to a uView report by email
  1. Once the report has loaded, in the table section, right-click Link.
    The context menu appears.
  2. The available options differ by browser:
    Internet Explorer:
    • Click Copy shortcut.
    • Open a new email message and paste the shortcut.
    • Click Copy Link Location.
    • Open a new email message and paste the shortcut.
    • Click Copy link.
    • Open a new email message and paste the shortcut.
    • Click Copy link address.
    • Open a new email message and paste the shortcut.
Nothing Happens after Clicking Refresh Report

If uView has been open, but not used for a long period of time, it may stop responding. Try refreshing your window: click the Refresh or Reload icon, or press F5 or Command-R.

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