Departmental Storage

Your department or college is allocated a shared file storage space designed for increased collaboration and the sharing of files.

Getting Started

Access Files

You can request Windows shares and Mac volumes on Jade to suit your department’s needs. A department may have one Windows share and Mac volume under which all of the department's data can be stored.

Authorized users of a share can access a Jade file share by mapping or mounting a drive to Jade. This one-time operation will give you immediate access to Jade every time you start up your computer and connect to the network.

Map a Drive for On-Campus Access

Choose your operating system:

In order to map a drive, you will need to connect to the U of S network.

Map a Drive for Off-Campus Access

There are two ways to map a drive for access from off-campus.

  1. Using the off-campus file service gateway for Windows or Mac.
  2. Alternatively, if you have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) established with the campus network you can map a drive to Jade as though you were on campus (above) and then use it both on and off campus.

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Restrict Access

Your departmental access to Jade is managed by your IT support staff in collaboration with ICT Windows Consulting Group.

ICT Desktop Support staff will design and specify a directory structure and permission groups when a new department purchases disk space on Jade.

ICT Windows Consulting group then creates the required disk partition, permission groups and directory structure and applies the specified permissions to the top level directories of the directory structure.

The departmental IT support staff or the ICT Desktop Support group can perform further customization to directory permissions as part of their ongoing support of the department.

Manage Files



For training on using Jade, see ICT Training Services.


There may be times when networks are unavailable due to scheduled service upgrades. Sometimes there are problems with the service that result in service outages.


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