Map a Drive (Jade) - Linux

These instructions were written for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 but they may work for other types of Linux.

Please note: ICT only provides the instructions. Support for Linux is not available.

As root

    1. Create mount directory

# mkdir /mnt/jade

    1. Change ownership of directory to user

# chown user /mnt/jade

    1. Set suid on smbmount and smbumount so you do not have to be root to mount the directory
# chmod +s /usr/bin/smbmount
# chmod +s /usr/bin/smbumount
# chmod +s /usr/bin/smbmnt
    1. Edit /etc/fstab adding the following line (replace nsid with your NSID and replace sharename with the name of the share that has been provided to you)

 // /mnt/jade smbfs username=USASK\nsid,noauto,user 0 0

    1. Switch to your user account and mount the directory, entering your NSID password when requested
$ mount /mnt/jade
    1. Unmount using smbumount
$ smbumount /mnt/jade
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