Map a Drive (Jade) - Windows

While on campus, you can access Jade from your Windows desktop or laptop computer. You will need to "Map a drive" to access file service shares.

1. From your Desktop, open File Explorer by clicking on the folder icon in bottom left task tray:

open file explorer

2. In the Left side menu, right click on Network and select Map Network Drive:

right click network and select map network drive

3. In the "Drive" pull-down menu select a letter (in this case the letter "Z" is selected). You may select any letter that is not currently being used.

4. In the Folder box insert \\\sharename (where 'sharename' is the name of the share that has been provided to you).

File Storage Windows

5. Ensure that the Reconnect at Logon option is checked (if left unchecked the process of mapping will need to be done each time you disconnect from Jade).

6. Click Finish.

Select Reconnect at Logon

Your computer will now attempt to "Map" to your Jade directory:

File Storage Windows

You may be asked for a username and password if you are not yet authenticated to the usask domain. If you see the below password dialogue box:

File Storage Windows
  • For your User name, enter: USASK\abc123 (where abc123 is your NSID).
  • Check off the Remember my password check box.
  • Then press OK.

If you are already authenticated to the usask domain, you will see the following window for Jade:

File Storage Windows

Your Jade drive will now be accessible by opening your "My Computer" icon. Under My Computer you will now have a Network Drive for that you can use to store your files:

File Storage Windows
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