Use Webdav for Apple OS

  • From Finder menu, select Go -> Connect to server

finder-go-connect to server

  • Type in the address below into the Service Address field:

  • Type in your NSID and password:

type in nsid and password

  • Owncloud will mount a drive with your files:

owncloud mounted

  • To create an alias do the following:
    • In the Finder menu select Finder->Preferences

change finder preferences

    • check the box to show connected servers:

check connected servers

    • right click on the webdav server icon on your desktop and select Make Alias:

right click webdav and select make alias

    • to quickly reaccess your owncloud files, double click the webdav alias icon on your desktop:

double click webdav alias

    • wait for the alias to resolve:

wait for it to resolve

    • and you will remount your owncloud drive:

owncloud mounted

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