Access to all file services requires your NSID and password.

Convenient Access

From student computer labs
  • All computers in student labs have a network drive that automatically maps to your Cabinet account when you log in.
From your own computer on campus
  • Access Cabinet directly from your laptop or desktop computer via a mapped drive (Windows, Mac, Linux). You have to map the drive only once and it will automatically connect to Cabinet each time you log in.
  • You can also access Cabinet through PAWS:
    1. Log in to PAWS.
    2. Select the My Channels link in the left-hand sidebar.  
    3. Select the My Files link.
    4. On the main page, select the Cabinet link.
    5. Another page will open with your Cabinet files available.
    6. Double-click on files you wish to open.
From off-campus

There are several ways to access Cabinet from off campus:

  1. Map or mount a permanent drive on your computer to Cabinet using the Off-Campus File Service Gateway (Windows, Mac).
  2. Alternatively, if you have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) established with the campus network you can map a drive to Cabinet (Windows, Mac, Linux) on your home computer or laptop as if you were on campus.
  3. Connect through PAWS


Files are backed up nightly and are available for retrieval for up to six weeks. They are stored on a server cluster that has built-in fail-safe systems to ensure reliable access to files at all times.

Disk Quota

All students, instructors, researchers, and employees automatically receive 50 GB of storage space on Cabinet. 

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