Check Quota

To help manage your quota you should delete files once they are no longer needed. If you want to keep files long term consider using a memory stick.

Check Quota in MyProfile:

  1. Log in to MyProfile.
  2. Your quota information will be shown in the File Storage section as below.

file storage

On a Mapped Drive to Cabinet

Windows Operating System
  1. If you have a Network Drive mapped to Cabinet.
  2. Click on the Start icon in the bottom left of your screen.
  3. Navigate to the Computer icon.  
  4. You should see the free space in your quota immediately below the mapped drive to Cabinet.
  5. To see a more detailed view, right-click and select Properties.
    check file storage quota


Mac Operating System

If you have connected a drive to Cabinet from a Mac or Linux desktop, you will NOT be able to see your personal quota. The free space displayed on a Mac will be the entire amount of available space on the whole Cabinet service rather than your personal quota.

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