Map a Drive (Cabinet) - Windows

NOTE: If you are accessing your Cabinet share from off campus you will need to use the Off-Campus File Service Gateway method, or first establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to campus each time you access the drive.

Step 1: Select the File Explorer app from the TaskBar or open any folder on your computer.

File Explorer

Step 2: In the Left side menu, right click on Network and select Map Network Drive:

right click network and select map network drive

Step 3: 
Configure the Network Drive

  • In the "Drive" pull-down menu select a letter (in this case the letter Z is selected). You can select any letter that is not currently being used.
  • In the folder box, insert \\\work$\abc123 (where abc123 is your NSID)
  • If you want the drive to be mapped every time you use your computer, then select "Reconnect at Login".
  • Click "Finish"

Step 4: Login to the server

  • For your username, type "usask\NSID" (i.e. usask\abc123)
  • Enter the password for your NSID and select OK.

To access/view your new drive:

  1. From your Desktop open File Explorer by clicking the folder icon in left bottom task tray.
  2. Your newly mapped drive should now be displayed as a drive under "Network Location."
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