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Academic Video - Powered by Panopto

The academic video service engages students and enhances instruction by providing access to video content throughout the teaching, learning and discovery experience. Integrated with the Blackboard learning management system, recordings are viewable by eligible users on most Web browsers and mobile devices.

Replacing Echo 360 for lecture capture and ShareStream for video streaming over the coming months, the Academic Video service simplifies the capture and sharing of academic video content.

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For features available in classrooms equipped for Academic Video capture see the Classroom Technology List  

Check out the How-To guide for self-help using Academic Video service features.

Academic Video helps you:

  • Record and live-webcast your lecture, seminar or presentation:
    • Schedule recordings:
      • Pre-Scheduled recording of individual or series of lecture/seminar presentations through automated course scheduling along with  Instructor Self Service via the Blackboard Learn LMS
    • Ad-hoc, Self-initiated recordings:
      • Instructor initiated on-demand recording of single lecture/seminars using the Panopto App on personal laptops (PC/Mac) or classroom podium PC’s
    • Live Webcast your class while recording:
      • Optional web-casting of scheduled and instructor-initiated classroom recording
  • Create Personal Recordings
    • Instructor initiated recording of micro-lecture content for use in flipped classroom learning modes
  • Record and upload of video content from mobile and other web-enabled devices
    • Recording of live video or upload of pre-recorded video from iOS, Android, mobile devices along with Macintosh, Windows PC’s, Chrome OS device etc…
  • Enable Student Video Assignment Hand In
    • Through a mashup within the Blackboard assignment tool
  • Perform simple editing of recordings
    • Ability to trim, and mix video and audio from single or multiple sources
  • Manage and Distribute content from personal or shared libraries
    • Manage uploaded video content in personal and shared libraries
      • Recordings placed in Class folders within Blackboard
      • Personal libraries for uploaded content
      • Shared libraries
  • Share and publish content
    • Publishing video as content in Blackboard to students enrolled in courses
      • Video content mashup
      • Video Content Link
  • Benefits for Students
    • Note-taking: Each student can take their own notes while they are watching your lecture. The notes they take are time-stamped, so when students review their notes later, they will automatically be taken to the point in the lecture that their notes are associated with.
    • Search: Students can search lectures by keyword. If they are trying to find a specific slide in your PowerPoint presentation, they just need to type a keyword into the search bar, and Panopto locates that word in your presentation.

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System Status Please note, our account with Panopto is hosted on their European Union (.eu) server

Service Description

Integrated with the Learning Management System (Blackboard Learn), the Academic Video service facilitates the capture, editing, storage and sharing of video content.

NOTE: Service information and help guides are in development, check back often for updates!


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