Please note that starting September 2016 Clickers are being replaced with an alternative student response system. The new system, Top Hat will provide access through individual’s mobile phone, tablet or laptop and will not require the purchase of clickers.

If your class is still using clickers as a tool for instant feedback this semester, please see the below information about the system.

The U of S clicker system uses Turning Technology clickers and ResponseWare software applications.


Getting Started

Taking a class?

If your instructor uses clickers, you’ll need to:

  1. Buy a Clicker or Clicker App Check with all your instructors before purchasing your clicker or clicker app. You can have only one but you can use it in multiple classes.
  1. Register Your Clicker or Clicker App
  1. Learn to Use Your Clicker or Clicker App
  • See the Clicker Info for Students sections under Learn More.

Teaching a class?

If you wish to use clickers in the classroom, you’ll need to

  1. Learn How to Use Clickers in Your Class 
    • Before asking students to buy clickers, review the information here and in Learn More, and see the Support section for training possibilities. You may also want to test them out; if you’d like to borrow clickers and receivers from ICT: email
  2. Download Clicker Management Software
  3. Locate Receivers and Channel Numbers
    • To use clickers in your classroom, you will need a clicker receiver attached to a computer or media console. You will also need to tell your students what channel and session ID to use.
    • To see if your classroom is equipped with a receiver and media console or to check channel information, see the list of Clicker-Equipped Classrooms with Channel Numbers and Session IDs.
    • If your classroom is not equipped with a receiver, you can use a portable receiver with your laptop or other computer. Portable receivers are available from the Campus Computer Store. These allow you to choose a channel and set your own session ID.


General Support Info


Support for Instructors

  • Immediate Technical Support for Instructors
    Call 4263 (EMAP) for immediate assistance or to report problems with a receiver in your classroom’s media console.
  • General support for Instructors
    If you are interested in incorporating clickers into your class and would like more information, please contact:
    Tyson Brown
    Academic Support, Client Services, ICT
    Phone: 306-966-4758


Unable to Register Clicker

If you have a problem with clicker registration contact the ICT Service Desk or your college IT support staff.  

Clicker Technical Difficulties 

If you suspect the clicker is not working, contact the ICT Service Desk. The ICT Service Desk can test your clicker and determine if it is working properly.

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