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Clicker Polling & Results Management

Clicker Polling

You can use clickers to run polls that are either anonymous or recorded. Recorded polling associates students’ responses with their names and NSIDs for purposes such as graded tests.

Note: Students must register their clickers for them to be linked to their names and NSIDs.

Anonymous Polling

To run an anonymous poll, go to the Participants section in the top TurningPoint menu and select “Anonymous.”

Recorded Polling

Recorded polling is the default setting, shown as “Auto” in the Participants section of the top TurningPoint menu. This setting does not immediately show you who the clicker responses belong to, but it does record clicker IDs that you can associate with student names later.

Note: To run reports using student names later, be sure to save your session before exiting your presentation by clicking the Save icon on the top TurningPoint menu.

Recorded Identifiable Polling (Polling with Participants Lists)

This setting records polling and immediately shows you who the responses belong to by student name. To select it, go to the Participants section in the top TurningPoint menu and select your course’s Participants list. (You will first need to download your course’s participant list.)

To download a course participant list, see Downloading Participant List to PowerPoint/TurningPoint V5 (PDF)

Note: To maintain the confidentiality of student information, caution must be used when using participants lists to ensure the information is not accidentally saved on public computers.

Results Management

To learn how to view and manage results from recorded class polls, see Using Results Manager (PDF).


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