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Register Your Clicker or Clicker App

  1. Log into My Profile.
  2. Under Devices, you will see a heading for Clickers. Click on Edit link under Devices and enter your Clicker or ResponseWare ID number within the Clicker ID field.  (The ID number will be 6-8 characters in length and consist of characters 0-9 and/or A-F)
    • To Find Your Clicker ID, look on the back of the Clicker under the barcode.
    • To Find Your ResponseWare ID, follow the steps in the Using ResponseWare at the U of S (PDF) to: create a ResponseWare account; register your software license code; and then obtain your ID code. (The license code on the back of your software scratch card is not the same as your ID code.)
  3. Check to ensure you have entered your ID number correctly, then click Save Changes. The system will then check to ensure this Clicker ID is not already registered to someone else.
  4. If registration was successful, it will prompt that Clicker changes saved. Click Cancel to close the Devices window.
  5. Check to ensure the Clicker ID displayed under Clickers matches the Device ID on the back of your clicker or the number you received when you created your ResponseWare account.
  6. Click the Logout link to exit My Profile.
  7. Once you have registered your clicker, your Clicker ID will be displayed in the Clicker Management channel in PAWS after you log out and back on. It will also be available to instructors of courses in which you are currently enrolled. 
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