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Tips for Using Clickers in the Classroom

  • Inform your students well in advance that clickers will be needed for your class. Let them know if both clickers and clickers applications are allowed in your classroom or if you allow hardware clickers only.
  • Make sure your receiver is recognized by the computer. To do this, on the TurningPoint menu bar, select Preferences / Connections. If the ResponseCard channel field says "Empty," contact the ICT Service Desk, your college IT support staff or email
  • Tell your students which channel (for clickers) or Session ID (for clicker apps) to use. Your students have to be using the same radio frequency channel as your receiver.
    • If you in a clicker-equipped classroom, you can find the channel and session ID numbers for your classroom from the list of Clicker Equipped Classrooms with Channel Numbers and Session IDs.
    • If you are using a portable receiver, Click on Preferences on the top TurningPoint menu, then select Connections and look in the ResponseCard channel field to see what channel your receiver is set to.”
  • If some or all of your students are using Clicker apps (Responseware) instead of hardware Clickers, you will also need to log into Responseware. For instructions, see Connecting to Responseware (PDF).
  • Ensure your display is on both the projector and your laptop. TurningPoint does not function properly if the display is set only to the projector. The projector display should mirror what is on the screen of your laptop.
  • Reset the session at the beginning of each presentation. To do this: click the reset button on the top menu. This will ensure the data collected is just from your current presentation. This can be especially useful if you want the data from multiple sections of the same course to be saved separately. You can find the reset options in the Sessions section of the TurningPoint menu bar.
  • Inform students of your policy for handling dead batteries and lost or forgotten clickers during a quiz. In large classes, there can be several of these concerns raised on any given day.
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