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Using Your Clicker

Clicker Signals

Clickers with Single LED lights 

If you use a clicker with single LED lights, you will notice it can flash in different colours.

Each colour has a different meaning.

  • Green: Your response was received.
  • Orange: Your response was sent but has not yet been received; awaiting confirmation.
  • Red: Your response was not received.
  • Green and Red: You are in channel-changing mode.
  • Flashing Orange: Your clicker is on the wrong channel.
Clickers with LCD Screens

Newer clickers are equipped with a small LCD screen which displays what channel number you are currently tuned to, what response you've made and whether your response has been received.

Finding and Changing Channels

Your clicker needs to be on the same channel (radio frequency) as the receiver in the classroom for your responses to be received.

Finding the Channel for Your Class

Channels range from 01 to 82. By default, clickers are set to channel 41.

To find the correct channel for your class:

  • If you are in a clicker-enabled lecture theatre, you should see a sign at the front of the room listing the room’s channel and session ID numbers. You will need the channel number only.
  • You can also find channel numbers on the list of Clicker-Equipped Classrooms with Channel Numbers and Session IDs.
  • Your instructor may indicate you need to use a specific channel for the class.
Changing the Channel on Your Clicker

To change the channel:

  1. Press  Go (on newer models called CH or Channel)
  2. Enter the 2-digit channel number
  3. Press Go (on newer models, callled  CH or Channel)

(Note: Single-digit channel numbers should always be entered as two-digit numbers with a “0” in front; for example, a “7” should be entered as “07”)

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