How to Add Media Files to a Course (Instructors)

You must first upload your file to Sharestream before you can add it to a course.

  1. To upload a media file to ShareStream:
    • Log into U of S Course Tools.
    • Go into your course.
    • Click on Tools in the left-hand menu.
    • In the list of tools in the centre, scroll to find ShareStream Pick and Play, then click on that title regardless of whether it is greyed out. (Note: You do not need to click on “Enable Tool”; enabling the tool will give students uncontrolled access to view any media file you add to the course.)
    • Click the My Workspace tab on the right.
    • Click Upload Media.
  2. To add an uploaded media file to your course
    • Click on Course Materials in the left menu.
    • Click on Build Content on the horizontal grey bar.
    • From the drop-down menu, select ShareStream Mashup.
    • Search for the media file you wish to add by typing the file name in the Search field or by clicking Display All Files on the right.
    • Once you have found the file you wish to add, click the small box beside the video thumbnail. A checkmark will appear in the box.
    • Click Add Media to add the file to your course.

For further information, please see the ShareStream Instructor’s Guide (PDF) or contact the ICT Service Desk.

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